Why not make your Christmas meal that bit more special by having a prize winning fresh Kelly Bronze Turkey from C.D Jennings & Sons Family Butchers?


Or maybe try one of our increasingly popular and highly fashionable Three Bird Roasts?


To guarantee your Kelly Bronze Turkey please call us on:

020 8399 4870.


Please Note We Do Not Offer A Delivery Service At Christmas.

All Orders Are On A Collection Only Basis.

Christmas Product List

Turkeys & Poultry
Kelly Bronze Turkeys
Kelly Bronze Turkey Crowns
Free Range Rolled Turkey Breast
Large Chickens & Free Range Chickens
Free Range Ducks
Free Range Geese
Game Birds


Christmas Special
Free Range Three Bird Roast -
Goose, Chicken, Pheasant
(Feeds approx 15 people & weighs between  4.5 – 6 kg)


Rib of Beef (Bone In or Rolled )
Sirloin (Bone In or Rolled)
Beef Fillet
Prime Rump
Topside / Silverside


Leg of Pork (Bone in or Boneless)
Loin of Pork (Bone In or Boneless)
Spare Rib / Belly Pork
Whole Shoulder Pork
Hams / Gammons (Smoked, Unsmoked, Honey Roast)
Bacon (Unsmoked / Smoked, Back or Streaky)
Smoked Loin of Pork


Sausage Meat


Leg of Lamb
Shoulder of Lamb
Rack of Lamb
Saddle of Lamb (Can be stuffed)
Guard of Honour / Crown Roast (Can be stuffed)


Ox Tongue
Three Bird Roast (Limited availability)