Our turkeys come from the award winning KellyBronze range. Kelly turkeys are produced by the Kelly family in Essex and they have gained a reputation for rearing the finest birds.

They were responsible for re-introducing the bronze feathered turkey, the original breed discovered in the Americas, back into the U.K in the early 1980′s. This breed of turkey is associated with old fashioned flavour and texture.

The birds are slowly matured on the farm to attain the ultimate in flavour and texture. They are reared in open-sided barns with natural light and ventilation on a deep litter bedding of fresh straw. The turkeys are allowed freedom of access to farm meadows and woodland. They are fed on diets containing 70% cereals and vegetable protein which are without additives or growth promoters.

Our free range, corn fed chickens are sourced from a variety of suppliers, including Packington Free Range and the Rare Breed Meat Company.

We also sell free range ducks, geese and guinea fowl.