The pork that we sell in our shop
is sourced from the best breeders in England. We are supplied by Packington Free Range Pork which is of the highest quality. It is a naturally reared meat and you will be able to taste the difference.

As members of the British Meat Quality Standard the pork from Packington ensures complete trace ability back to the farm of origin. They also embrace the highest standards of animal welfare and maintain these high standards at all stages of production, which are regularly inspected. This all combines to guarantee a top level of quality meat in taste and tenderness.


We sell a variety of cured bacon ranging from sliced rashers to full joint both smoked and unsmoked.

Gloucestershire Old Spot

We now also sell the highly sought after rare breed Gloucestershire Old Spot.  Bread in their natural woodland environment ensures the meat they provide is tender, succulent, fine-grained and full of flavour.

The pigs fatten slowly on a natural, additive and growth promoter free diet in a stress-free environment. They have a happy, semi-natural life and  the result of which can be found in the flavoursome meat they provide.